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Substation in bangladesh

Substation in Bangladesh

Now a days Bangladesh Technology is grow day by day. Also the substation product get a very good destiny in bangladesh. The substation is consist some equipment , sorts, element and function. An electrical substation is an set up with electrical equipment capable of interrupting or setting up electric circuits and changing the voltage, frequency, or other characteristics of the electric strength flowing Within the circuits. Bangladesh have this forms of device and faction which is very beneficial for any us of a development.

There have so many substation company in bangladesh .

Parent, Bangladesh Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources. Website,   Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited, commonly known as DESCO,This is a Public Limited. DESCO’s Central Control, located at Gulshan, is under the Substation & Network division for optimal  scheduling and dispatch.Enigma Engineering Ltd. HJN International , Power System, Triangle Trade System, Micro Electronic Ltd. Dhaka, Risalata Associates etc.

This company have some big project and mission to develop the countries.

There are so many Types of substation in bangladesh.

  Like as Transmission, Distribution ,Collector, Coverter , Switching station ,Railway etc Distribution type substations are placed where the main voltage distributions are stepped-down to supply voltages  to the consumers using a distribution network. The voltage of any two stages will be 400 volts, and the voltage between impartial and any phase can be 230 volts. this sort of substation substation works because the important source of strength deliver for one unique enterprise client. the commercial enterprise case, as well as The necessities of technical, extraordinarily depends on necessities of custom. this substation consists of the massive quantity of power transfer throughout the station and it’s miles called as a system station. those stations best provide no power transformers even as others do voltage exchange as properly . Installation of a substation in urban facilities calls for massive area, however typically, they don’t have an area to install the substation. To overcome this problem, installing the substation underground decreasesRequirement of space and the floor place can also be used for other buildings like homes, purchasing shops, and many others.

The primary idea of the underground substation is to offer the great traditional substation through lowering the space occupied above land. the switchyard is the mediator many of the transmission as well as era, and same voltage can  be maintained within the switchyard. the primary reason of this is to supply the generated electricity from the electricity plant on the specific level ofVoltage to the close by transmission line or electricity grid.
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Substation price in bangladesh

Best Transformer List in February, 202 Latest Price

1/ Powerful 200 kVA Substation                                                         =৳ 790,000
2/ HT Switchgear Panel 630 KVA Electrical Sub-Station                =৳ 1,680,000
3/ Electrical Sub-Station 250KVA                                                        = ৳ 800,000
4/ Electrical Substation 150 KVA Oil Type Transformer                  =৳ 650,000

pgcb substation list

Name of Grid Substation              Transformer Capacity (MVA)

  1/ Maniknagar                                    2×300

  2/ Rampura                                         3×225(10×75)

  3/ Haripur                                            3×225(10×75)

There have so many substation company in bangladesh. Parent, Bangladesh Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral
Resources. Website, Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited, commonly known as DESCO,This is a Public
Limited. DESCO’s Central Control, located at Gulshan, is under the Substation & Network division for optimal
scheduling and dispatch.

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The main purpose of a substation high to low,or the reverse,or perform any of several other important functions.A substation may include transformers to change voltage levels between high transmission voltages and lower distribution voltages, or at the interconnection of two different
transmission voltages.

Scientific evidence does not support a cause-and-effect relationship between EMF exposure and health risks. People get most of their EMF exposure from electrical wiring along the road and from wiring in their homes.
Also substations are not dangerous because they are substations.
This is because they are surrounded by an electromagnetic field that produces the equipment and cables that need to be treated with care.

The purpose of a substation is to ‘step down’ high voltage power from transmission system to lower voltage power so that it can be easily supplied to homes and businesses through our distribution line.