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LOVOL series diesel generator sets

Capacity from 18KW ~146KW. LONGKAI cooperated with LOVOL engine company for many years. Adopting Lovol engine, it has the features of compact structure, low noise,low fuel com. and high performance. It is widely used in the area of communication, railway, projects, mining, rescuing and so on.

Standard configuration of Lovol Diesel Generator

Engine: Lovol
Alternator: Brushless Alternator
Radiator 40C max, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard
24V charge alternator
Alternator: single bearing alternator IP23, insulation class H/H
Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, pre-filter, coolant filter
Main line circuit breaker
Standard digital auto control panel
Two12V batteries, rack and cable
Ripple flex exhaust pipe, exhaust siphon, flange, muffler
Starting battery, a set of connective wires
User manual, panel wiring diagram, certificate of conformity.

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