Your Power Partner

Power factor is defined as the ratio of real power (KW) to the Apparent power (KVA) and is the cosine of the angle by which the current lags and leads the voltage


  • Metal enclosed design for indoor installation.
  • Flexibility in installation, either wall or floor.
  • Built with dry type self-healing extra reduced losses capacitor.
  • Easy top and bottom connector.
  • Perfect integration with electric switchgear.
  • Reduced floor space due to its design.
  • Possibility of future extension.
  • HRC fuses with futurefusing indicator.
  • Easy access to the capacitors enabling for convenient maintenance.
  • Resistor to ensure quick discharge of the capacitor.
  • Large KVA rating of the equipmement, KVA+KW/cos 
  • Greater Conductor size; lL =KW/3VL cos
  • Large Copper Losses; lL =KW/3VL cos
  • Poor Voltage Regulator Larger line drop.
  • Reduce handling capacity of the system.