Your Power Partner


  • Metal enclosed and air-ventilation with sheet steel of SWG-14
  • Properly welded steel structure.
  • Low Voltage compartment on the top of the cubicle.
  • Long creapaze distance.
  • Circuit breaker mounted fixed or withdrawable truck.
  • Single Bus-bar.
  • Powder coating paint.
  • Cable entrance usually provided in the bottom of the cubicles, the top entry can also be provided upon request.


  • LBS (Load Break Switch) Manual.
  • LBS (Load Break Switch) Motor Drive.
  • VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breaker)
  • MOCB (Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker)
  • SF-6CB (Sulpher Hexa Floride Circuit Breaker)


  • Circuit Breaker mounted fixed of withdrawable truck.
  • Suitable for rapid auto re closing duty.
  • The Charging time of the breaker is only 2 or 3 second.
  • Adequate clearance between the phase and height as per standard to ensure safe operation.
  • The spring can be charged electrically and also manually.
  • Manual and remote control function.
  • Instant trip function.
  • The devices used in the units allows to future changes in design, thereby assuring a device of diversity.
  • The mounting, erection and commissioning are very simple.
  • The devices which are out of services in the equipment is easily accessible.
  • Additional accessories can be provided for VCB servicing such as, Auxillary switch (7NO+7NC), Closing coil (24,30,48,110,220V DC/AC)