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Briefing On Design And Construction:

The core of the Transformers consists of 0.27 mm thick M4 grade Silicon Steel sheet with grain oriented cold-rolled(CRGO) laminations on both sides, which distinguish themselves by Low losses high dimensional accuracy and flatness. The unpinned core construction with MITRED joints and unique method of assembly results in load losses and currents as well as minimum noise generation.


  • Using the best quality 0.27 M4 grade Cold-rolled Silicon Steel.
  • Vacuum feeling of oil ensuring the highest possible oil insulation.
  • Computer-aided architecture providing a smart Outlook and convenient installation.
  • Disk thermometer for easy monitoring of temperature rise.
  • Compact winding arrangement guarantees high, short circuit the strength and superior thermal stability


  • 3-phase 50 KVA to 3000 KVA, 50 Hz system voltage: generally 11KV / 415 V.


  • The core is made of cold-rolled high grain oriented (CRGO) silicon steel.
  • The core guard as an angle of 90 degree for rectangular shape 45 degree of MITRED shape, also cut “V” notch.
  • Stacking and Wound Core


  • The low voltage winding is cylindrical shape, the high voltage winding is cylindrical or foil type.
  • HT and LT windings made of copper.
  • Secured capacity against short circuit available.


  • The tank is made of mild Steel plates by welding its surface is treated by removing rust phosphorous.
  • The tank is sprayed with good antiseptic dope.
  • And this mild steel to plates consist of sufficient radiating surface.


  • The oil-immersed power transformer is applied for class-A insulation.
  • The insulation is a concentric arrangement for high and low voltage winding.
  • The gaps between the winding are separated with board structure of the small oil cap for the thin paper web.


  • AN (Air Natural).
  • ONAN (Oil Natural and Air Natural).
  • ONAF (Oil Natural and Air Forced)


  • Each unit is provided with tap charger for off-load, on-load (On request) with voltage regulation range of 1x 2.50 %, 0, -2×2.5%, -3×2.5% in the HV side with 5 (Five) & 7 (Seven) tapes.
Substation in bangladesh


  • HV bushing with the terminal contactor.
  • LV Bushing with contactor.
  • Off Load Tap Charger.
  • Lifting Lugs.
  • Oil level indicator.
  • Drain Valve.
  • Grounding terminal.
  • Dehydration breather with silica Gel.
  • Technical data Plate.
  • Conservator tank.
  • thermometer pocket.
  • Dial type thermometer.
  • arcing horns on HV bushing.
  • bi-directional rollers (on request).
  • Buchholz relay (on request).
  • Pressure release Valve.

TESTING (Routing & Type Test)

  • Winding resistance test
  • Ratio test
  • Meggar test (Insulation resistance test)
  • No-load loss test
  • Full load & inpendance test
  • Power Frequncy high voltage test
  • Dielectric strength of oil
  • Polarity test
  • Vector group test.


PFI (Power Factor Improvement) Plant